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Our staff have valuable expertise, long experience and endless patience in allowing adolescents to find their adult selves. Explore our blog to find out what they know. Among them you'll also find a growing number of pupil vloggers who are keen to tell you at first hand what it's like to be at Bryanston.

Kitty & Poppy

A2 Pupils


I’m in my final year at Bryanston having joined in D (Year 9) from The British School of Paris. I am studying biology, chemistry and maths and I board in Greenleaves. I enjoy living in Greenleaves because I am with my friends all the time and we have a lovely housemistress and matron who are always there to help as well as the friendly cleaners, who always love a chat.

In my free time I like to try out many different things. I have learnt the steel pans, taken part in debates and Mini United Nations, written for the school magazine, tried lots of different sports, dabbled in art (discovered I wasn’t very talented), learnt how to make jewellery, played in a few band concerts and honestly so much more. What makes it so special is you can try all these weird and wonderful things with your friends, which makes it more fun.

What makes Bryanston special for me is the people, food and incredible facilities. I think what is quite unique and has helped me a lot is having a tutor, who has helped me to organise work and pushed me to achieve the very best I can. There is so much to try at Bryanston; I would tell anyone thinking of coming to try as many things as possible, don’t take it all too seriously and work hard because it always pays off in some shape or form.


I am an A2 (Year 13) pupil who joined the School in D (Year 9) and remained here for sixth form. I am currently studying for my A levels in art, Latin and mathematics and I’m a boarder in Greenleaves, which I like because of the supportive atmosphere and the friends I have made in the house.

In my free time (when I probably ought to be revising) I design clothes for friends, friends of friends and myself. I also love to sing, and I take part in a lot of jazz-style performances as well as musicals and plays.

I think Bryanston is a special school because everyone, pupils and staff alike, wants you to create the best thing you can. If you have an idea, whatever it might be, from a sports venture and film-making to art installation, acing an exam or discovering something new, there are enough enthusiastic, generous and supportive people to help you succeed.

That is also the advice I would give: don’t be afraid to try anything, so get stuck in to as much as you can. Even if you think everyone apart from you knows what they’re doing, they were all beginners once too and you can only get better by trying, failing and trying again.

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