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Our staff have valuable expertise, long experience and endless patience in allowing adolescents to find their adult selves. Explore our blog to find out what they know. Among them you'll also find a growing number of pupil vloggers who are keen to tell you at first hand what it's like to be at Bryanston.

Preetpal Bachra

Deputy Head (Pupil Development)

Dr Preetpal Bachra is Deputy Head (Pupil Development) at Bryanston. Working as part of the senior pastoral team along with Claire Miller, Preetpal is responsible for implementing pastoral initiatives as well as supporting the Housemasters and Housemistresses in their roles.

Prior to working at Bryanston, Preetpal worked in the clothing industry for a wholesale firm with brands such as Levi-Strauss and Juicy. Later, he was a partner franchisee with Dominos and subsequently Starbucks. He previously taught economics, business and English at Bradford Grammar School and whilst at Bryanston, has been Head of Department and Housemaster of Connaught House.

Preetpal enjoyes playing cricket for Cheshire, for Esholt in the Yorkshire Leagues and Bramhall in the Cheshire Leagues. This has given way to the far more rewarding pastime of village cricket wherever he is asked. He remains a nervous Liverpool FC fan which probably began in the glory days, although he cannot remember a time when he didn’t support them. He also has a weakness for charity shops and hoarding books.

Posts by Preetpal Bachra

  • 16 Oct

    Promoting positive mental health

    Head of Pupil Development Dr Preetpal Bachra discusses the School’s approach to its week-long focus on mental health and wellbeing, which started in recognition of World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10 October. Dr Bachra explains how the School’s creative installations aim to encourage...

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  • 19 Jun

    Tick tock, TikTok... Times They Are A-Changin'

    Head of Pastoral Preetpal Bachra explores ways in which we can help children make sense of the current climate of pandemic, protest and progression. Preet also considers the topics of unconscious bias and social stereotypes in an increasingly fractious world and reflects that now is the time to have...

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  • 5 Jun

    How to pee straight and take your own advice

    Head of Pastoral Preetpal Bachra considers how we can adjust our own behaviours in order to energise ourselves as well as our children. Preeptal also reflects on the ways in which our behaviour can be ‘nudged’ by our home environment and suggests that this period of lockdown could provid...

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  • 1 May

    How to eat a frog and the new three Rs of education

    Head of Pastoral Preetpal Bachra considers the complexities of engaging with our children while they are studying at home during this period of lockdown and suggests that relationships, reflection and reframing should be considered the new three Rs of education.

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  • 2 Apr

    FaceTime, Fights and Food: Keeping up momentum

    Head of Pastoral Preetpal Bachra brings us his latest thoughts on remote working whilst isolating at home with his family. Preetpal encourages us all to give ourselves time to adapt as this past week will have been a challenge for every member of the family, to approach frustrations with a calm and...

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  • 3 Oct

    Connecting effectively

    At the start of the year Bryanston introduced a new mobile phone policy. Here Dr Preetpal Bachra, Head of Pastoral, explains the thinking behind the policy.

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  • 4 Nov

    Soft rules

    This week we welcome Bryanston's Head of Pastoral, Dr Preetpal Bachra, as he examines the 'soft rules' of social interaction.

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