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Our staff have valuable expertise, long experience and endless patience in allowing adolescents to find their adult selves. Explore our blog to find out what they know. Among them you'll also find a growing number of pupil vloggers who are keen to tell you at first hand what it's like to be at Bryanston.

Edrys Barkham

International Admissions Consultant

Edrys started at Bryanston in 1984 as a one-year academic resident in Greenleaves. She left to do a PGCE at Cambridge and worked in the state sector before returning to Bryanston in 1991 as Housemistress of Hunter House, tutor and biology teacher. She enjoyed 13 years as housemistress at the 'Hunter Hotel' as it was known at the time, looking after the pastoral welfare of many generations of Hunter girls - probably some of the best years she spent at Bryanston. 

Edrys then became a Senior Tutor responsible for the induction of new tutors and providing them with ongoing training and support. She was Head of Biology during the building of the Sanger Science Centre before being appointed Senior Mistress.

Edrys’ role developed into Director of Admissions and she helped to develop a more international intake into the school to positively reflect the global nature of the world our pupils will enter at university and for their careers.

Away from her school responsibilities, Edrys completed an M.Ed. in Mentoring and researched into the physiological and psychological changes in the teenage brain and how the tutorial system at Bryanston supports pupils during this biological disruption to brain function and helps them to develop the neural connections for adult life. She was also able to help pupils develop their interest in Anthropology and in Archaeology through the ECA programme.

Although Edrys has retired from full time teaching and tutoring she continues to work part-time with the Admissions Department on international recruitment. She also loves meeting OBs and hearing about how their lives have developed after leaving school.

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