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Imagine a school where children learn to love their minds.

Where they see their endless possibilities. And become whatever their dreams lead them to.

It’s here: Bryanston, a school for boys and girls aged 3-18, day students and boarders

Bryanston is renowned for its success in creative, unbounded thinking. Our culture is open-minded and inspiring. We help each child find and pursue their passions. 

Every child here reaches their fullest academic potential - but not at the expense of everything else an education should give a child. 

We create the opportunity for your child to become the best person they can be, in their own individual way. 

Our children have gone on to use their imaginations to shape the world we live in, in ways great and small. Whatever path your child takes in life, the education you give them here at Bryanston will go with them, giving them confidence, strength, purpose and a mind ready for anything, however challenging, all the days of their life.

Come and see, and imagine your child here.

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Bryanston is a school that realises visions. What do you see?


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We live by our values that reflect our commitment to individuality, which lies at the heart of our approach and culture. This is evident in our people, along with a specific kind of creativity that inspires innovative thinking and challenge across all disciplines.

Our distinctive unbounded value speaks to the open-minded, challenging and inspiring nature of the Bryanston experience, our humanity and our pupils who are curious, self-reliant and purposeful. Beyond the School, Bryanston embraces educational, cultural and social initiatives.

Bryanston Method

At the heart of Bryanston’s approach is our distinctive method of education, the Bryanston Method. It has been the keystone of the School’s philosophy since our foundation in 1928, tailored to the needs and interests of each pupil. There is no Bryanston ‘type’ – we want our pupils to think for themselves.

Alongside high academic standards and expectations, we also provide an emotionally and intellectually supportive environment, allowing pupils to develop independent, creative, and unbounded thinking. We encourage innovation and creativity in all areas of the curriculum, believing that imagination, perspective, and boldness are as applicable in history, science, or maths as in music or art.

Pastoral care sits at the heart of everything we do, and the Pastoral and the Academic integrate through the Bryanston one-to-one tutorial system.  Each pupil is carefully matched to their tutor and the relationship lasts for the duration of the pupil’s years at Bryanston. The tutor guides each tutorial pupil in becoming responsible for their own learning and discusses their wellbeing and progress at the weekly one-to-one tutorial. They help pupils plan and manage their deadlines and priorities across the week and encourage independence. Over time, the tutor also supports them through key moments in their education, such as option choices, exams, and university applications. At all times, they act as each pupil’s champion and advocate.

Our culture

Our culture fosters an open-minded, challenging and inspiring environment for personal growth where we provide the space for pupils to find their passions.

Our relationships are different from the conventional dynamics of pupil and teacher – we see the journey through the School as a collective endeavour to better prepare our pupils for their lives ahead.

Mutual respect, trust and pride in the approach is critical to the success of our approach – not just between staff and pupils, but with parents too.

Our unique take on creativity as a practical and essential element across all disciplines makes Bryanston a very different learning experience – building a distinctive independence of thought, self-reliance, realism and authenticity.

We don’t ‘do education’ to our pupils, we travel beside them and guide them on their journey.

How do we judge the effect of our approach?

The impact is clear in the academic and personal achievements of our pupils, but importantly, you can feel the effect of our culture in the atmosphere and see it in the relationships between pupils and staff, in the lifelong friendships made at Bryanston, and in the choices our pupils make about their lives at school and beyond.

Creative learning

Bryanston has a distinctive approach to education which encourages, enables and supports pupils on their journey. We are ambitious for every pupil.

We see creativity as a practical and essential element in thinking across all disciplines, which makes Bryanston a very different learning experience.

Our approach is firmly focused on the individual and we work tirelessly to ensure that each pupil not only achieves the results they deserve, but also learns to think independently, be self-reliant and explore new interests – they often surprise us and themselves.

Individual spirit

Bryanston has a unique culture which celebrates the individual and their unbounded potential. We are proud to be different.

We don’t ‘do education’ to our pupils, we travel beside them and guide them on their journey.

Our relationships are different from the conventional dynamics of pupil and teacher – we see the experience at school as a collective endeavour to better prepare our pupils for their lives ahead.

Unbounded thinking

Bryanston is an open minded, challenging and inspiring environment for personal growth, where we provide the space for pupils to find their own passions.

The unbounded breadth of our offer reflects the breadth of pupils’ interests, beyond the conventional to the creative, practical and vocational, including focus areas where we specialise and offer support.


We celebrate the breadth of destinations that our pupils take – from universities and other academic destinations to creative arts, sports, music, social impact and vocational.

To support their individual choices we provide a structured programme to enable them to make the right choices beyond the School.

We are keen to help pupils to understand that there are various pathways into the world of work. An increasing number of pupils are choosing to explore alternative routes to gaining professional qualifications and we continue to increase links with firms that offer focused school-leaver programmes, higher level apprenticeships and sponsored degree courses. We also encourage pupils to broaden their outlook and consider the potential offered by studying abroad as well as in the UK.

Beyond the school

Beyond the School, Bryanston embraces educational, cultural and social initiatives. By facing outwards, Bryanston engages with a wide community and shares the positive impact of the approach, ethos and facilities of the School.

These initiatives include collaboration with local schools through the Blandford Schools' Network and Bryanston’s close connections with local prep schools.

Bryanston welcomes the extended community to enjoy the outstanding cultural and creative arts facilities on the Bryanston campus. These include the Tom Wheare Music School and the Coade Hall where a rich programme of music, theatre and film is curated, along with the renowned Bryanston Art Department.

The exceptional sporting, outdoor education and equestrian facilities provide opportunities for the broader community to share our beautiful campus.

The School engages with the broader Bryanston community including our Old Bryanstonians (former pupils) and our parents for their support, expertise and knowledge to help inform and input to our continuing commitment to innovation.

How will we judge our impact?

Bryanston is committed to extending the reach of its offer for the benefit of all – influence, inclusion, access – and demonstrate thought leadership in the responsibility of independent schools to widen access to its education.


Bryanston School is situated on a beautiful site in Blandford Forum in Dorset.

Easy access by train from London to Salisbury and around two hours from London Heathrow and Gatwick Airports by road.


We welcome pupils from the UK and overseas at age 13 (Year 9) and for 6th form entry (Year 12).

Contact our Admissions team to arrange a visit or find out about our application process.