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Sixth form

A preparation for Higher Education

In the sixth form at Bryanston, pupils learn to take an even greater ownership of their own learning and development than in the junior years.  One-to-one work review sessions with subject teachers, known as correction periods, and independent learning, or assignment periods, form a crucial part of a Bryanston sixth former’s timetable. Pupils experience a similar variety of teaching formats to those available at university, and are exceptionally well prepared for undergraduate work.

Image of sixth form pupils

Our aim is to provide a range of subjects and qualifications, supported by a strong enrichment programme to enable pupils to choose the right path through their final two years at school. 

Both routes not only develop the subject-specific knowledge and skills which are a gateway to undergraduate study, but require organisation and creative thinking that transfer successfully to employment. The enrichment programme balances academic work with engagement in topics drawn from many different disciplines. By the end of the sixth form pupils will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to tackle the academic demands of university study with confidence.