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Adventurous Duke of Edinburgh expeditions are a success

Seven pupils in A3 took part in a very adventurous sea kayaking expedition from Portland to Wareham. The group spent four days kayaking along the south coast.

They faced challenging conditions as they battled strong winds and strong tides. A route of this nature requires careful planning to negotiate the obstacles along the way. This meant a 3am wake-up and 5am start on day three to catch the right tides and safely pass a few dangerous headlands. The group enjoyed the fishing along the way and caught a number of mackerel, pollock and bass for their dinner. A worthy challenge for the Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award and an adventure that provided life-long memories.

Forty pupils in C took part in their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition this weekend. Two days of navigating and walking back to school was a good test of their fitness, motivation and ability levels. Although the weather was superb, this meant the group were travelling in very hot conditions. Together with their heavy rucksacks this created a challenging expedition. The eight groups planned their two-day expedition earlier in the term, camping out in the Dorset countryside on Saturday night. There were certainly a lot of exhausted pupils on Sunday evening. All those involved should be very proud of their achievements.