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Sixth formers receive advice on how to get hired

On Thursday 2 November we saw the return of How to Get Hired, an event that has become a regular part of the sixth form enrichment programme. 

Delivered by Big Bang Boom, a company which specialises in helping young people make an impact in the job market, the How to Get Hired afternoon gave pupils in A3 the opportunity to explore some of the skills they will need when it comes to making their best impression to potential employers.

Over the course of two one-hour sessions delivered by experienced professionals from a range of backgrounds, including retail, scientific research, advertising, customer services and film production, pupils explored how to create a professional image and how to interview and network effectively.

They were invited to reflect not only on their career aspirations but also their core values and strengths, and to consider how to communicate these effectively. Pupils in A3 received excellent advice about how to craft their online presence and CV, and how to manage their digital footprint. They also explored the networks to which they already unknowingly have access and learnt about how best to make new, useful and lasting contacts to help them have the careers they want.

Feedback from pupils, as in previous years, has been most positive and we look forward to welcoming Big Bang Boom back next year.