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Bryanston pupils attend an IB Theory of Knowledge seminar on Cosmology

Last week Bryanston IB pupils were joined by Warminster IB pupils in a Theory of Knowledge seminar on Cosmology. Hosted by Andy Fletcher, the president of Life, The Universe and Everything, the seminar covered a plethora of subjects ranging from Newton and Einstein to the Big Bang and the multiverse.

The Theory of Knowledge is a core component of the IB programme, where it encourages pupils to give consideration to how things can be known within and beyond all the main IB disciplines. During this particular seminar Andy aimed to encourage the audience to ask themselves the question, “what assumptions do I make about the universe and are they true?”

Throughout this highly engaging and informative seminar, the pupils were able to enrich their knowledge and understanding of Cosmology. In particular the pupils learned how time could change speed, how ‘down’ was a function of time not space, and how something might just be able to come from nothing.

Seminars like these are highly beneficial to the pupils in helping them develop a habit of personal, reflective exploration and create a fascination with knowledge. Bryanston looks forward to hosting more Theory of Knowledge sessions in the future.