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Recording studio

Bryanston’s recording studio provides a range of opportunities for the School’s varied ensembles and groups, as well as individuals with a flair for composition and performance. The studio includes three live rooms of varying sizes and atmospheres around a control room with an impressive array of recording equipment. 

Academically, the recording studio supports those studying music for GCSE, A level and IB, whether it be a solo or ensemble performance or a composition, as well as providing pupils taking instrumental exams or forthcoming auditions the chance for self-appraisal through listening to recordings of practices.

For those with an interest in the science of recording, the studio provides opportunities to learn directly through hands-on experience. Sixth-form pupils can opt for a Humanities course, in which they are taught about recording and mixing techniques, as well as having the opportunity to play as session musicians.  Examples of the pupil's work, for which they both performed and engineered, is available to listen to here.  Younger pupils also have the opportunity to take on the role of recording assistant, helping Aral Barsakcioglu , Bryanston's full-time Sound Recording Engineer, in day-to-day sessions.