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Stonewall Role Model visit

On Thursday, 8th February we were privileged to welcome as this year’s Stonewall Role Model, Ayla Holdom. 

Speaking to A2 as part of their Current Affairs programme, Ayla told her inspirational story of coming out as transgender - to herself, her partner, her family, friends and colleagues, and transitioning while serving in the RAF as a search and rescue pilot. Outed unceremoniously in the tabloid press during this time, she spoke very movingly about living authentically and with integrity in a Britain which can still misunderstand trans people, though there has been significant progress towards equality and acceptance in recent years and more trans voices and narratives are being heard. She spoke also of her work with Stonewall’s trans advisory group and her interactions with the media to improve the portrayal of and reporting about trans people. Ayla now flies for the National Police Air Service.

Ian McClary, Head of Sixth Form and the school’s LGBT lead said, “Ayla is truly a role model for us all. We are so fortunate to be able to benefit from her story and learn how to be good allies to trans people”.