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A3 Festival 2018

Another fun-filled, colourful A3 Festival took place at the weekend, jam-packed with plays, gigs and artistic expression of all kinds. Once again, the whole year group combined to produce a feast of entertainment and spectacle for all.

There were seven plays this year - a collection to suit all tastes! An outrageous Cinderella, a spine-chilling Mousetrap, an exuberant Shakers, a riotous Bad Education, An Odyssey that was epic in both cast and content, a dramatic and unpronounceable Floccinaucinihilipilification and a slick, stylish Great Gatsby. Congratulations to all actors and particularly to all the brave, nail-biting, hair-tearing, cast-coercing directors who somehow managed to pull off the productions in three crazy weeks.

Never in the history of Bryanston has the Main Hall and corridor been so adorned with artistic expression - the floating umbrellas, the flying cranes, the wonderful baby photos and, of course, the party hats so perfectly perched on the heads of portraits, paintings and unsuspecting gorillas! Then there were the hearts, the photographs, the cards, the balloons and the vibrant, colourful Fashion Show.

An undisputed highlight of this year's festival was the music. So many memorable performances in the Coade Hall and acoustic gigs, but special mention must go to the first ever A3 Festival Originals gig and the best ever classical concert, with hauntingly beautiful solos and enchanting ensemble pieces.

There were many individuals who shone particularly bright but, as ever, what made this festival special was the collective effort and enthusiasm of the whole A3 year, from the rain-soaked conga during Saturday break through to the excellent and atmospheric final gig in the Dining Hall, where the whole year gathered to celebrate the memorable weekend they had succeeded in creating.

Thanks to all the staff who helped behind the scenes - Ms Quan, Mrs Scott, Mrs Dean, Mr Scott and Mr Ings. Thanks also to James Henshaw, Jez, Calum and the whole tech crew, and of course to Mike Thorne and his catering team. Thanks also to all the enthusiatic audiences who helped make the weekend so full of enjoyment and fun. And, of course, thank you to Mr Fowler Watt, without whom the A3 Festival would not be what it is. Finally, thank you to every pupil in A3 for a fantastic festival.