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Peer mentoring programme off to a great start

A3 pupils have been volunteering their time to take part in a new peer mentoring programme with D pupils.

There was a huge response to the peer mentoring programme and, so far, over 60 A3 mentors have volunteered.

The mentors have been receiving training from Mrs Scott and Revd. Canon Haviland, the School Chaplain, on skilfully listening to D pupils and how to best advise them. The mentors have really enjoyed the training and feel quite empowered with the knowledge and skills they have learnt.

All D pupils now have access to the drop-in clinics which are manned by the A3 mentors. Here, they can chat about anything they wish, take work along with them, ask questions, or simply hang out.

In the coming weeks, the Ds will have the chance to be paired with an A3 mentor, whom they will regularly meet one-to-one for support and guidance.

The A3 pupils have been incredibly mature and have responded well to their training. We all look forward to the programme progressing.