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OBs ready to launch new product thanks to support from ENEV Fund

The et nova and et vetera (ENEV) Fund was recently established to provide support for entrepreneurial young Bryanstonians. We are delighted that one of the ENEV pilot projects, Bunk, will be launching next year. 

Bunk is the first software product from a start-up company set up by young OBs Harry Stirling  and Tom Woollard.

Tom and Harry used ENEV to access OB mentors to help them take their business idea and turn it into a commercial reality. When asked about the support they had received, Tom said,

“Amanda Lovejoy (Development Manager at Bryanston) put us in touch with the ENEV network which has since been instrumental in the creation of Bunk. What started as an idea has flourished into a credible business looking to push the limits of innovation, which would not have been possible without the mentoring and support received through the network. From mentors to investors the network ticks every box for anyone that wants to take a leap and start a company.”

Their first software product, Bunk, aims to reinvent the rental experience for students, creating one centralised platform that will allow deposit-free renting as well as issuing rewards and offers for its users.

The ENEV Fund is the brainchild of OB and Bryanston’s Head of Economics, Ben Leigh, and funded by a generous OB. The programme has been established to nurture entrepreneurial talent within the Bryanston family. If you would like to get involved with ENEV either as a mentor or an applicant, you can contact Amanda Lovejoy, Development Manager, Bryanston, or 01258 484556 to register your interest.