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Pupil offered place at Slade School of Fine Art

Congratulations to Fiona G who has been offered a place at the Slade School of Fine Art.

Fiona joined Bryanston in the sixth form and during her A3 year enjoyed experimenting with different media, building on her portfolio. In A2, she focussed on individual pieces.

One piece from her extensive portfolio that Fiona is particularly proud of features Mr Melbourne, teacher of maths at Bryanston.

Fiona describes how the piece shows two figures for Mr Melbourne using charcoal, oil painting bars, gouache paint and gold leaf:

"The figure on the left shows how we, as pupils, view Mr Melbourne as our maths teacher. On the right I have used colours and patterns to create a figure to represent his personality. I used different shades of blue as Mr Melbourne has a very calm nature, red for his passion and the gold strip represents his extensive knowledge. The more time I spent with him, drawing him, the more I found out about his life outside school. He can speak fluent french and loves skateboarding! Therefore, I wanted this representation figure to be bright and colourful." 

Fiona plans to give the piece to Mr Melbourne after it has been moderated.