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Royal Academy Life Drawing Workshop

On the 1 July, renowned artist and Royal Academy of Arts tutor, Jeanette Barnes, delivered a magnificent life drawing workshop to our enthusiastic A3 pupils.

Jeanette is famous for her large-scale ‘urban’ charcoal drawings, in which she draws inspiration from cityscapes all over the world. In Jeanette’s words:

"My practice engages with the constant development within the urban environment. I am fascinated by the way vast architectural projects are changing the nature and demography of given areas. I make many sketches outside and then go back to my studio and begin to build up large pieces through trial and error. These drawings are not about one single moment, but a combination of ideas and experiences, bringing together the most interesting aspects from different sketches to create the final piece."

The intensive workshop gave pupils the opportunity to work alongside Jeanette to learn a number of expressive life drawing techniques in order to help them depict the complexities of the human form. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were thrilled to have so much high quality work to include in their art portfolios.