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Bryanston Boat Club training camp

At the end of the Easter break 24 Bryanston rowers, alongside five members of staff, took part in the Boat Club’s training camp in northern Spain. 

Throughout the six-day camp, the rowers completed three or four training sessions a day rowing, on average, 18 to 24 km daily. The conditions were not always perfect for rowing with a large amount of wind and rain to contend with, as well as a very fast flowing river owing to several days of rainfall. However, all the rowers coped with the sometimes demanding conditions with maturity and conviction.

As well as rowing training, the sixth form and B pupils also spent time preparing for their forthcoming exams with a session set aside for quiet academic work each day.

Overall all rowers made huge technical advances and have returned with a far greater awareness of their fitness requirements and capabilities and, above all, seemed to enjoy their time on the camp.