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Blitz PSRE day 2016

On Friday 22 January, Bryanston D pupils took part in a fun and interactive PSRE day with the Blitz Roadshow and watched a theatre performance by Solomon Associates called Last Orders.

Blitz is a multi-agency initiative aimed at reducing anti-social behaviour and providing alcohol education, particularly how it affects health. A series of workshops for D pupils focused on different aspects of alcohol misuse including peer pressure, law and consequences, sexually related issues, impact on health, well-being and future prospects, and alcohol-related anti-social behaviour such as hoax calls.  It was a fun and interactive day comprising a number of elements:

  • Last Orders - An educational play developed by a team of experienced professionals at Solomon Associates specifically to tackle alcohol-related issues amongst young people.

  • Alcohol Workshop - Related directly to Last Orders, the workshop dealt with issues such as levels of intoxication, why alcohol affects one person more than another and how a person’s attitude to risk changes when alcohol has been consumed.



  • Police Workshop - Held by Dorset's Safe Schools and Communities Team, the workshop focused on a short film called Proxy Purchase, which highlighted the consequences of alcohol-related anti-social behaviour.




  • Fire Workshop - Focused on a short film called Playing with fire, this workshop highlighted the consequences of alcohol-related anti-social behaviour which affect the Fire Service, such as arson, hoax calls and misuse of fireworks and also looked at the importance of smoke alarms. 

  • Shadows EDAS Workshop – A project for young people relating to drug and alcohol misuse and addictions. 

Jo Simpson, Head of PSRE, said "The whole of the D year took part enthusiastically and showed a mature attitude towards the entire day. Pupils were able to actively engage in the workshops and demonstrate their understanding whilst being able to question the professionals further when required to deepen their understanding."