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Celebrating success at GCSE

Congratulations to the Bryanston pupils who have received their GCSE results today. 

Nearly one quarter of the year group scored A* or A in eight or more subjects, while 86% of all pupils achieved at least one A* or A. Two pupils achieved the outstanding result of 12 A*s and one A and three gained 10 A*s and one A.

Pupils performed well across a breadth of academic subjects with 100% of Further Maths entries graded at A* distinction or A*, and 100% of Greek and 94.4% of Music entries awarded A* or A. The sciences were also extremely strong once again this year with 88.5% of Biology, 88.5% of Physics and 84% of Chemistry papers marked at A* or A.  

The Head, Sarah Thomas, commented, “In a year with well publicised and ongoing external changes to the examination system, I am pleased and somewhat relieved to see that Bryanston pupils have achieved well individually and for the most part in line with their expectations and those of their teachers. These results will allow all pupils to embark upon the right course of study for the sixth form and, judging from all our previous experience, to access an impressive range of universities in due course. I applaud all Bryanston pupils for their efforts and determination and I much look forward to seeing them go from strength to strength in the sixth form.”