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Pupil report: MP Simon Hoare visits Bryanston to meet Ds

As part of our project to create a political campaign we met with Mr Simon Hoare on Friday 1 July, to discuss the situation of the River Stour, (a river which runs through a lot of Dorset and Mr Hoare's constituency).

D pupils Grace H B, Mia G, Daisy C and Eloise M with MP Simon Hoare

At the moment, the river is polluted with excess nitrates which run off from farms after heavy rainfall as well as plastic waste, and we decided to focus more on the nitrates issue. We asked Mr Hoare what he thought about it, and he said that he was very aware of what was happening, and he advised us to talk to the stakeholders of the water companies and make sure that they know what they can do to improve, but also in particular to institutional investors so that they can bring their considerable influence to bear on the water companies. We were grateful to meet with Mr Hoare who listened carefully to us and offered great advice.

Senior Tutor Laurent Johnson added: "The pupils have been very dedicated to their project and have learnt a huge amount about how to go about a political campaign. We are very proud of them - they are extremely good ambassadors for their generation. Mr Hoare was extremely generous with his time and expertise, and it was wonderful to witness the democratic process in action in this way. "

By D pupils Grace H B, Mia G, Daisy C and Eloise M