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Bryanston travels to Greece for biennial educational trip

At the start of the Easter holidays, we were delighted to take 28 A3 and A2 pupils to Greece for our biennial trip.

The trip was for pupils studying Classical Civilisation, Latin and Greek. What a fun and educational few days were had by all!

Here are just some of the highlights from the trip:

  • Starting in central Athens and taking in the Acropolis and Agora sites, as well as the stunning new Acropolis Museum.
  • Exploring the Theatre of Dionysus, followed by the Parthenon.
  • Visiting the Temple of Hephaestus and the Agora.
  • Scenic drive to mountainous Delphi.
  • Visiting the panoramic sanctuary of Apollo and fine museum.
  • Post prandial football at Itea.
  • Crossing the gulf of Corinth into the Peloponnese, to visit the sanctuary of Olympia (athletics contests!)
  • Taking in the sights at the seaside town of Tolo, enabling visits to Mycenae, Naplion and Epidauros.
  • Exploring the Mycenaean civilisation in Argos with a talk from Dr P in the treasury of Atreus, followed by a walk to the ruins of the palace of Agamemnon and discussion about the Trojan War.
  • Standing at the Lion Gate, where western art started.
  • Singing at Epidaurus Theatre – such amazing acoustics!
  • Visiting the healing sanctuary of Asclepius.
  • Enjoying and sampling the wonderful ethnic cuisine.

The itinerary was planned to cover sites relevant to anyone studying Classical subjects, whether Latin, Greek or Classical Civilisation. It was enormously beneficial for the pupils to see the actual sites and artefacts for themselves, setting in context the literary texts they have studied.

Doc Fearnley commented: “A big thank you from all four of us teachers to all 28 of you for making this trip the best in our memory. The success of any trip is down to how well pupils engage and behave, and you were all fantastic – every step of the way.

“Our utmost thanks also to Dimitris, our amazing coach driver. Dimitris is the third generation of bus drivers in his family, and his knowledge of the sites and restaurants, not to mention his top tips, were second to none.”

Click here to view more photos from the trip.