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Successful first term for A level Psychology pupils

The completion of the first term introducing A level Psychology at Bryanston has been a resounding success.

The study of Psychology is certainly not new to Bryanston as it is taught as part of our IB Diploma programme, but its introduction at A level has proved extremely popular with a large number of pupils necessitating three sets.

Head of Psychology Dr Hogarth commented: “Pupils have learnt about the different approaches and research methods used in the study of human behaviour, thoughts and emotions, social influences and the importance of early attachment to the primary caregiver - all within the first term.

“They have learnt more key terms than they thought possible, embraced all the hard work and the best thing of all, they are all thoroughly enjoying it and find it fascinating.

“This term, we move onto the extraordinary topic of memory and all its nuances and start to test their mathematical skills in relation to statistics, which is a surprisingly important part in the study of psychology. A level Psychology will go from strength to strength and no doubt the pupils are looking forward to the journey ahead.”