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Artists Jeanette Barnes and Paul Brandford return to Bryanston to deliver workshop for B pupils

Earlier this week we welcomed artists Jeanette Barnes and Paul Brandford to deliver a workshop with our B pupils.

Our Art Department last welcomed Jeanette and Paul for online remote workshops during lockdown in collaboration with The Blandford School, and so it was wonderful to welcome them for a face-to-face workshop with our pupils.

Pupils experienced two challenging workshops over the course of the day, both of which gave them more confidence with their drawing and painting skills.

Head of Art Mr Knight commented: “I am very grateful for Jeanette and Paul’s input. They are both highly successful artists. Both their artwork and their workshops were very inspiring and have hopefully given our pupils the momentum to produce excellent outcomes for their GCSE coursework as well as improve their knowledge of drawing.”

Jeanette Barnes commented: “Thank you for inviting us, it was lovely to work with you all. We had a good time, and we had some really interesting work from the pupils.”

Paul Brandford commented: “A broad range of outcomes and some very committed pupils over the sessions.”