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Bryanston families prepare rucksacks to support the Afghan Crisis Appeal

At the end of the summer break, our Head of Charities and Outreach appealed to each Bryanston family to prepare a rucksack for one refugee and bring it to school for the start of term.

Thanks to everyone’s support, we were delighted to hand over 87 rucksacks to Michael Hearn from Blandford Cares, who will ensure the safe delivery of the clothes and toiletries to good homes.

Head of Charities and Outreach Hannah Fearnley commented: “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their donations and for the positive response to our appeal. The support was overwhelming at such a crucial time.”

James L-E, Prefect for Charities and Outreach, added: “It was lovely to hand the rucksacks over to Michael, who talked about his experiences in refugee camps.”