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Bryanston Knighton House pupils dive into projects with Bryanston's D&T Department

At the end of last week, Bryanston Knighton House’s A1s (Year 7s) visited our Design & Technology department to have their first full timetabled class in the senior school.

Our D&T department has been quick to set up new schemes of work to deliver the subject to all the Bryanston Knighton House pupils in Years 7 and 8.

Head of Design & Technology Chris Mills introduced the A1s to the department and got them underway with a new ‘Wind Chimes’ project. They brainstormed the project, identified user requirements, designed, templated, drilled and cut the wooden support platforms while working with a wide range of hard and softwoods.

Mr Mills commented: “It was great to teach the A1s from BKH. They were incredibly receptive, and it was fantastic to see them dive into some designing prior to the use of templates, scroll saws and pillar drills in the opening week.

“We’ve developed the Wind Chime project to offer them an introduction to working with a wide range of materials and processes and gain confidence in the senior school’s workshop. They seemed to enjoy it and I can’t wait to see their outcomes as the weeks progress. Next week we’ll be welcoming BKH’s As group, who will be working on another project delivered by Mr Moggeridge.”