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Bryanston hosts JP Morgan for work-related learning event

Last week, Bryanston welcomed staff and apprentices from JP Morgan to run a work-related learning event. Targeted at our A3 pupils, the event aimed to improve pupil’s knowledge and experience of the recruitment process from the world-famous bank.

The event ran throughout the afternoon and consisted of three main sessions:

  • CV and employability skills
  • a mock assessment centre
  • an interactive team challenge.

The first session saw pupils review several CVs (some good and some bad) from the viewpoint of a recruiter, before forming groups to create the ultimate CV, based on their previous findings.

The second session was based on an assessment centre and how to perform well during it. Again, pupils came together to form groups where they discussed what they thought would work well. Pupils were then selected to play the role of assessor where they were asked to provide feedback from the perspective of the recruiter.

The final session of the day was an interactive team challenge, based around communication and teamwork skills. The session saw pupils working together to crack a code where they all had to come to the same decision.

This event was just one of the many opportunities sixth form pupils have at Bryanston to prepare themselves for life beyond the School, whether that’s university, employment or other opportunities.

Speaking after the event, Mr Bray commented: “It was a huge privilege to have JP Morgan on site to run this event for us. It was a fantastic exposer for our pupils to listen to Phillip and his team explaining how a global business runs its recruitment process. The opportunity it gave our A3 pupils to experience a mock assessment centre was so valuable in helping them understand what to expect when they apply for jobs in the future.”

We would like to thank JP Morgan for their time and for running such an important event for our A3s.