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The return of the A3 Festival brings an explosion of plays, music, fashion and art

Last weekend (14-16 May) saw the return of our annual A3 Festival, with an explosion of plays, music, fashion and art throughout the School.

The inspirational and entertaining weekend comprised six plays including ‘Shark’s Tale’, ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Shakers’, an acoustic and a classical gig in Coade Hall, a Dance and Fashion Show, art installations, films, and even a fancy-dress conga line around the pond.

Headmaster Mark Mortimer commented: “It was, from start to finish, inspiring, brilliant, entertaining and creative. Everywhere you went and everywhere you looked, there was something to watch, appreciate and enjoy. It was the warm and generous way the pupils all supported one another, turned up in good numbers to watch, to clap and to cheer, which made it all the more special. The School was jam-packed with life, energy, happiness and creativity.

“Congratulations to everyone involved and to Mr Fowler-Watt, without whom the A3 Festival would not be what it is. Year on year, his enthusiasm shines through and the weekend rules triumphant.”

Head of Charities and Community Engagement Hannah Fearnley commented: “It was amazing to see the whole school buzzing with creativity and energy, and thanks to the generous sponsorship raised by A3s for doing hundreds of laps of the school building, our ‘Race for Reading’ challenge raised £1,320. This will go to the charity Schoolreaders to help children in local primary schools catch up with vital reading skills.

“This was the first time that we have introduced a fundraising element to the A3 Festival and the combined efforts will provide 88 children with reading support for a whole year, which is a remarkable achievement.”

You can see our gallery from the weekend here.