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OddBalls Foundation speaks to pupils to raise awareness of testicular cancer

Last week OddBalls Foundation visited the School to speak to our male pupils about testicular cancer.

Established in 2016, OddBalls Foundation raises awareness of testicular cancer with the aim of making a difference to male health around the world. Part of their advice to pupils was encouraging them to start checking themselves regularly from a young age to help detect any problems early on.

Medical Centre Manager Karen Welford commented: “This talk has been in the pipeline for a while and it was amazing to welcome OddBalls to speak to every single male pupil, reaching over 300 of our pupils. Testicular cancer is around 95% curable and so early diagnosis and regular checking is important.

“The Foundation left us with some framed checking guides for our boarding houses and a lot of good ideas for us to follow up on. Our pupils were great and entered into the spirit of things and we’ve had lots of easy, open discussions with several male pupils since. The visit aimed to get conversations going about regular testicle checking and removing the embarrassment of talking about the subject.”