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Bees back buzzin' at Bry

Renewing a long-standing Bryanston tradition, honeybee colonies are back on the School grounds.

The return of beekeeping to the co-curriculum was inspired by new Classics resident and experienced beekeeper Mr Pullan. With the help of a generous grant from the Bryanston Parents’ Association (BPA), the School has purchased two locally sourced nucleus colonies, which have been housed in hives located in the peaceful apiary site by the river.

In order to train up the next generation of Bryanston beekeepers, Mr Pullan has re-started the Beekeeping ECA, which now runs on Friday afternoons for 15 pupils, as part of the School’s Pioneering programme.

Mr Pullan commented: “Being an apiarist myself, when I found out that Bryanston had a rich history of beekeeping, but at that point no bees, I knew immediately that I had to get them back on site. I picked up the hobby when I was younger than our pupils here, so saw no reason why it couldn’t be offered as an ECA.

“We are very grateful to the BPA for providing the funds to make this happen. Due to various factors, the honeybee, an animal that is critical to the functioning of global ecosystems, is under immense threat as a species. I’m hoping that the pupils get the chance to witness the many natural miracles accomplished by this amazing insect and become as passionate about bees and beekeeping as I am!”

We’re buzzing to see what the Beekeeping ECA members get up to and feel sure that our 1950s Bryanston Beekeeping Club members would be delighted to see current pupils getting involved. Please follow the activity on our new Instagram page: