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Sixth form pupil completes work experience with Global Career Accelerators

Sixth form pupil Jack H spent his Easter break undertaking work experience with Global Career Accelerators in London.

During his work experience programme, Jack was responsible for managing a project to develop an MPS database for a company called Tricio. The project consisted of researching and compiling data on over 30 MPS in order to produce a database suitable for a financial advisor. During the course of the project, Jack, alongside another university students, project managed over 25 sixth form and university students.

Commenting on his experience, Jack said: “I was delighted to be chosen for a project manager role, as well as being part of both the portfolio and risk management teams. Over the three weeks I was tasked with managing my own investment portfolio, as well as assessing the risk that the overall fund may be susceptible to and why. The hours were very long, and although it was far from easy, it was incredibly rewarding.

“The experience has definitely opened my eyes to how the financial services world works. I have been able to see how each department works with one another in order to produce an efficient and effective fund. Going from portfolio managers placing trades, accountants reconciling them, risk managers accessing the value at risk, and compliance making sure everything is satisfactory from a legal perspective.”

At the end of the three weeks, Jack was tasked with producing a presentation on the wider aspects of a multi-strategy asset management fund, which was then presented to over 20 industry professionals.

Head of Future Pathways Mr Bray commented: “I was fortunate to see Jack’s final presentation and if I shut my eyes, it honestly felt like I was back working in the city in the boardroom. Jack really held his own – it was very impressive, considering that a lot of the other students he was with are at university and therefore considerably older.”

Founder and CEO of Global Career Accelerators Christopher Clarke added: “Motivation and a desire to succeed should be key qualities identified in young people, which when combined with ethics, should allow these young people to present themselves as candidates for tomorrow’s financial leaders.”