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Sixth form pupil qualifies as beach lifeguard

A3 pupil Bethan I has been busy training to be a national beach lifeguard during lockdown and qualified in freezing conditions last weekend.

After completing pool lifeguard training last summer, Bethan started her beach and ocean lifeguard training via online Zoom calls in evenings throughout February and March. Training also took place at Tynemouth Beach, on the coast of Newcastle.

The lifeguard training course was split into ocean skills, pool skills, first aid, theory and fitness. During the course, Bethan learned about working with other rescue services and the signals required, completed conscious and unconscious rescues with a board, as well as with a torpedo buoy, and also without any equipment.

All weather conditions for Bethan's training

Bethan commented: “I’m very excited to have qualified as a beach lifeguard; it’s been very fun and challenging. Lifeguards have to be able to endure the most overwhelming conditions in the North Sea and beaches in order to keep people safe, and so I had to face all weather conditions during my training – snow, wind and hail.

“I’m looking forward to working through the calmer summer as the sea up north can get very cold and stormy during the winter, with waves up to 22ft.”

Bethan is looking forward to a calmer summer

For the final test last weekend, Bethan had to complete a 200m run, followed by a 200m swim, followed by another 200m run. The running took place along the sand and the swimming took place amidst the surf and rip currents. After completing this gruelling challenge, Bethan finished her training and qualified as a beach lifeguard.