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Sixth former sets up website selling pupil-designed T-shirts to fundraise for WaterAid

A3 pupil James L-E has created a new website, Juvo, to sell T-shirts with artwork designed by Bryanston pupils, in order to raise money for WaterAid.

James enlisted the help of fellow pupils and friends to help get the website up and running. Leila F de G helped design and build the website:, while Bryanston friends, Mick P, Ralph E and Leo B along with Max B (James’ friend from his prep school) created the artwork for the T-shirts, of which there are four designs.

James commented: “This charity project came about from an idea during lockdown, with the aim to do something to help improve the lives of those living in poverty. By selling these hand-designed T-shirts, 100% of profits will go directly to WaterAid, which will be used to help people still living without basic human rights, such as access to clean water.

“‘Juvo’ is the Latin verb for ‘help, aid and save’ and we thought it was an appropriate name for this project. Our goal with Juvo is simple: to harness our creative talents and create T-shirts to raise money for a cause that we feel passionate about. Each purchase will really help make a difference.”

Juvo has so far raised more than £750 for WaterAid, which is an incredible achievement.