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A2 Charities Weekend raises over £20,000

Our A2 Charities Weekend, organised by the Heads of School, has raised an estimated total of £22,867.

Heads of School (2020-21)

The Heads of School chose to support TREADS, a Youth Advice and Information Centre in Blandford, and Happy Kids Kindergarten in Akurala, Sri Lanka. Setting themselves an initial target of raising £10,000 through fundraising activities, the Heads of School chose ‘education’ as the theme for this year’s A2 Charities Weekend (19-21 March 2021) because the pandemic brought to light issues locally as well as globally.

Choosing to support a local charity and an international charity, the Heads of School wanted to enable the organisations to continue providing their invaluable educational services for their respective communities.

The A2 girls played the A2 boys in netball

We’re delighted to announce that the target was smashed, raising an estimated total of £22,867. Fundraising activities included an online auction, a ‘Casual Clothes Day’ for pupils, a Promises Auction and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Head Boy Sam T commented: “I am astonished at the amount of perseverance and willingness to help from the entire Bryanston community. We faced unusual circumstances this year, but the staff, pupils and parents were able to overcome this and together raise an astounding amount.

“It was truly amazing to raise this amount of money for two brilliant causes and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of the Bryanston community.”

Pupils in Hunter House enjoyed toasting marshmallows around the fire pit

Head Girl Teagan G commented: “We are overwhelmed with the support and generosity of the whole Bryanston community. Our charities and the communities which they work in (as well as us), are extremely grateful for the money raised and the positive impact this will have on the lives of so many children both in Blandford and Sri Lanka.

“Thank you again for all your engagement and we should all be proud of the success of this year's Charities Weekend especially considering the unprecedented times we find ourselves in."


TREADS is a charity based in Blandford and was established in 1997 to provide local teenagers and young adults with a safe and secure environment to seek help and advice on any subject. The charity’s current goal is to provide laptops to children who have not been able to access education without them.


The School is fundraising to support the construction of a new building for Happy Kids Kindergarten, which has previously been supported during our A3 Festival when A2 pupil Mini M raised funds to donate supplies. As a result of these supplies, the number of children enrolled at school doubled.

If you would like to show your support for A2 Charities, please click here.