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Bryanston welcomes Jeanette Barnes and Paul Brandford for live art lessons

Our Art Department welcomed highly respected artists Jeanette Barnes and Paul Brandford to deliver live art lessons for C and A3 pupils, and Art Scholars.

Head of Art Douglas Knight joining in with Jeanette Barnes' online art lesson

Jeanette Barnes, renowned for capturing the spirit of urban life and city landscapes in her drawings, delivered an inspiring lesson on ‘Urban Art and Architecture Drawing’. This was the first time Jeanette has delivered a virtual workshop for Bryanston pupils.

Head of Art Douglas Knight commented: “It was great to be able to offer our pupils this opportunity, and it really challenged their perceptions of drawing, as well as giving them new ideas and a different way of thinking. It was also a great motivational tool and re-emphasised how important creativity is during these unusual times.”

Pupil work from Jeanette Barnes' online art lesson

Teacher of Art Tony Connolly commented: “We enjoyed a rich, hectic, funny and very constructive afternoon. We first met Jeanette Barnes and Paul Brandford when they came to Bryanston some years ago as part of the Royal Academy’s outreach programme. That programme ended in 2019 and Jeanette and Paul have since started a company called ‘We Explore Drawing’ which offers a variety of workshops and tutorial activities centred on the discipline of drawing.”

Highly respected portrait artist Paul Brandford also delivered a workshop to pupils and for this lesson, the invite was extended to pupils in Years 11 and 12 at The Blandford School.

Pupil work from Jeanette Barnes' online art lesson

Douglas added: “We know how pupils thrived from the experience of earlier pre-lockdown workshops at the School, so we were keen to add similar variety and interest to our own online resources. However, the new initiatives have also provided us with the opportunity to extend similar support for neighbouring schools which has been really well received.”

Our Art Department is also producing a series of short films to promote creativity in online art lessons for primary schools within the Blandford Schools’ Network once current restrictions are lifted.