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Pupil report: Photography masterclass with OB Nigel Barker

Old Bryanstonian, photographer and TV personality, Nigel Barker very kindly delivered an inspiring masterclass to our AS photography group last week.

By Jemima S: one of the images critiqued in the masterclass

The masterclass encompassed his varied life, acclaimed work and also some very useful critiques of our own images. 

Having been a judge on America’s Next Top Model, Nigel was exceptionally knowledgeable on the fashion industry, and discussed how best to capture an image and/or moment to showcase and flatter both the model and the clothing in an innovative, sometimes unconventional, but always magnificent, way.


By Kitty M: one of the images critiqued in the masterclass

Nigel’s work is artistic, unique and widely respected – having shot for the likes of Versace to Taylor Swift. His philanthropic work, ranging from Make a Wish to creating a documentary to bring awareness about AIDS in Tanzania was both motivating and touching. 


The second part of the talk was an incredibly useful presentation on tricks, supported by his own images. He explained how the power of photography is both about capturing light, but also about viewing the world and portraying it how you see it – where you find beauty, or interest, and how individuality makes a great photographer. 


By Dottie S: one of the images critiqued in the masterclass

He concluded by giving us personal feedback on our own work – what was good, what could be done differently and where to improve. It was truly useful, and his thoughtful yet constructive input really helped us develop our images. 


We would like to thank Nigel for taking his time to give us such an amazing talk all the way from New York!

By A3 pupil Kitty M