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Bryanston pupil camping for 40 nights to fundraise for Care4Calais

B pupil Emily S is fundraising for Care4Calais by camping outdoors in the garden of her family home in Dorset for 40 nights.

Emily is taking part in the charity’s #CampOut4Calais fundraising initiative with an aim of encouraging people to donate their used tents or fundraise for tents or other camping gear through her sponsored sleepout. The charity ordinarily receives a lot of salvaged tents from festivals donated during the summer, but due to the pandemic, this isn’t likely to happen.

With an initial target of £500, Emily has now extended this to £1,500 and has already achieved this new target. Emily commented: “I’m really enjoying the challenge – it’s so rewarding waking and going to sleep with the sun. It took a couple of nights of getting used to all of the sounds, but now I am finding it hard to imagine sleeping inside!”

When asked why she had chosen to fundraise for Care4Calais, Emily added: “I was struck by a news report on the camps during the virus. Because of the worldwide disruption, refugees have left the public eye – but it is forever as important to keep on supporting them at a time like this, as they will be the worst affected. I wouldn’t like to say that I am trying to experience what refugees are experiencing daily by living in a tent, because their experience is incomparable to mine. I have suffered nothing and am doing this out of choice.”

Click here to visit Emily’s fundraising page.