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Bryanston's D&T teachers using 3D printers to provide protective face masks to NHS staff

D&T teachers at Bryanston are busy giving a helping hand to make protective face masks using 3D printing.

Teachers are making the masks in aid of local surgeries within the Blackmore Vale Partnership, which supports the GPs and frontline NHS staff that are going into homes where patients have positively tested for COVID-19. These patients aren’t eligible for ventilator care and need home support to keep them comfortable.

Each D&T teacher at the School is using a 3D printer in order to produce between 100-200 component parts required for the face mask design. Teachers are batch producing the parts during the Easter holidays from the comfort of their own homes, prior to final assembly of the masks.

Mr Bolton’s daughter tries on the first mask in the production line

The D&T department will continue to focus its efforts on 3D printing in order to make as many masks as possible, with the aim of delivering these by the end of the week.

Christopher Mills, Head of Design & Technology at Bryanston, commented: “We are proud to support our local GPs and help protect local medical staff working with COVID-19 by providing these masks. We are pleased to be able to put our skills and equipment to good use and look forward to passing the masks onto The Blackmore Vale Partnership as soon as we can. This has been a collaborative effort and I’d like to thank every member of staff that is involved.”

Mr Mills’ children are fascinated by the 3D printer in action