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Pupil report: BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz visits Bryanston

BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz visited the School to speak to us about his career in the art world, but more importantly his thoughts on creativity and how we are all artists, even if we don’t necessarily do art as a subject.

Will told us that creativity is central to our future prosperity, especially in the changing times that we live in, with big issues that need to be solved creatively by our generation.

“All schools should be art schools, at least in attitude rather than curriculum.” Will encouraged us to think in a way that breaks boundaries and to question everything we see before us, as he further commented, “ideas emerge from a specific way of thinking”.

As much as the talk was beneficial for history of art and art pupils, it was really engaging for everyone that attended; everyone came out feeling inspired and with a new understanding of the word ‘artist’.

Mr Bray, Head of Work Related Learning at Bryanston, commented: “Will’s presentation was thought-provoking and insightful, reminding us that everyone is an artist so long as they think outside of what is normal. After his visit, Will commented that he was blown away by how confident and engaged all of the pupils were. He enjoyed his visit very much and would like to return next year.”

By Lennon H-W and Ellie F (A2, both studying A level art)