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Bryanston's pupil-run Green Committee launches Eco Week

Bryanston’s Green Committee, largely driven by pupils at the School, is proud to launch its first designated Eco Week.

Taking place all week, the aim is to reduce plastic waste within the School through a number of initiatives. These initiatives include staff members committing to a Green Travelling Day, attempting to get to work by using less fuel, pupils helping to litter-pick around campus and teachers incorporating further climate change issues into classroom discussions.

Kit C, lead organiser of the School’s Green Committee, commented: “We’ve been racking up ideas for increasing participation in the green movement at the School – not to protest but to think about product and lifestyle choices. With this challenge in mind, we set up an assembly to announce our Eco Week. The assembly brought together positive conversation and, to continue the momentum, we have put up a selection of posters (made from scrap paper) around the School to encourage conversations and actions.”

Bryanston’s Canoe Club and runners spent almost an hour with the Green Committee earlier this week paddling along the short roadside edge of the river to see what litter could be collected. There were some odd finds including a miniature teapot collection, and three bags of refuse were filled.

Looking ahead, several members of the Green Committee will be meeting with the local MP to discuss other possible initiatives that could be introduced.