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Pupil report: Bryanston and Blandford School pupils visit M-is agency in London

Bryanston's A3 Business and IBCP pupils, along with 21 pupils from The Blandford School, visited the creative marketing and digital agency M-is in London on Tuesday 21 January.

We were split into groups for three different workshops: communications, experiential and digital. The workshops provided fantastic insights into the agency's day-to-day activities and objectives as we worked with the departments to broaden our knowledge of real-life businesses and their client relationships.

We learnt about VR (virtual reality) and interactive technology before a Q&A session with a panel of M-is employees. As a business, M-is focuses on digital communications and marketing which are key things to learn about during our Business A level studies, so it was very useful. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it hugely beneficial with plenty of information to take back to the classroom. Overall, it was a really interesting day with everyone finding out more about the agency.

By Sophie T (A3)