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Bryanston hosts study skills workshops and seminars for A3 and D pupils

To kickstart the spring term, Bryanston welcomed representatives from The Life Skills Company and Elevate Education to host various workshops and seminars on study skills for A3 and D pupils on Thursday 9 January.

The workshop for D pupils, ‘Learning to Learn,’ included practical advice which pupils will be able to implement straight away in their learning. The hands-on session included testing pupils with a memory quiz and covered the principles of learning, as well tools on how to handle distractions and how to manage deadlines. Much of it was focused on how to be an effective independent learner.

A3 pupils were encouraged to think about good examination preparation and making the most of their work time. Content included strategies to help to develop skills in order to make effective notes during and after lessons and advice on how to stand out from the crowd academically.

William Ings, Head of Teaching and Learning, commented: “We brought these sessions on stream in order to inculcate even more effective independent working practices amongst our cohorts. It was a pleasure to see how well our pupils engaged in the workshops and they themselves were full of praise about how much they had benefitted.”

Deputy Director of The Life Skills Company Chloe Mills delivered a workshop to D pupils and commented: “It was a pleasure to work with D pupils. They did a fantastic job of reflecting on their initial term and this meant that we were able focus on how to make the most of the unique opportunities to develop their independent learning skills at Bryanston. Pupils walked away with various practical skills to manage their own workload effectively and it was excellent to see their enthusiasm throughout the day.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank The Life Skills Company and Elevate Education for their work delivering the seminars and workshops at Bryanston. You can follow them on Twitter @thelifeskillsco and @ukelevate.