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pupils share ib projects over brunch

Twenty IB pupils in A2 enjoyed presenting their Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) projects to the A3 IB pupils over brunch at Bryanston one Sunday before half term.

CAS is at the core of the IB Diploma Programme, aiming to provide a counterbalance for pupils alongside their academic study. CAS is one of the three essential elements that every pupil must complete as part of the Diploma Programme.

As part of the CAS programme at Bryanston, pupils become involved in a range of activities outside the academic curriculum, from improving their skills at a particular sport, to visiting the elderly in local care homes. Pupils also have to complete a CAS project, which must last for a minimum of a month and must be collaborative. Pupils worked with others in the planning, delivery and evaluation of their projects.

The annual CAS Brunch in October enables A2 IB pupils to share with the A3s what they have been working on. Pupils presented their projects through some powerful films and PowerPoint displays, and two pupils even produced a book to detail their project.

Highlights from the presentations included:

  • A project in the African Congo where two pupils taught English to children in the jungle over the summer holidays.
  • A book compiled by two overseas pupils depicting the riots in Hong Kong over the summer and an explanation into the background of these events.
  • The highs and lows of organising a play for the A3 Festival.

Lucy Tate, Teacher of MFL and CAS Co-ordinator, commented: “All in all, it was a highly successful morning and congratulations to all the pupils on completing such a wide range of successful projects.”