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Team effort for local charity

Pupils have been busy gathering rucksacks and filling them for Blandford CARES, a local charity that transports essential goods to refugees in France. Mike and Suzi from the charity visited Bryanston last week to collect the rucksacks, which numbered 35 in total, and were bowled over by the pupils' efforts. Ably organised by senior pupils, each boarding house put together a number of rucksacks containing essentials such as toothpaste, toothbrush, hand gel, deodorant and some clothes items. Mike and Suzi intend to take the rucksacks to the Care4Calais warehouse next Tuesday.

In addition to the rucksacks, pupils will also be fundraising for the Refugee Community Kitchen through this weekend's sCene festival.

A great team effort everyone, for a worthy cause. Well done.