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Notre Dame de Paris ​​​​​​​

Earlier this term, A2 and A3 French pupils travelled to the London Coliseum to watch the French musical Notre Dame de Paris. Read a review of the trip by Hélène C here.

Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo is one of the main constituents of classic French literature. Everyone must read it, or at least watch the film adaptations of it, whether it be the original or the Disney version. Pupils studying French at Bryanston were given the great opportunity to watch the play at the London Coliseum.

Not only did we manage to gain entertainment from such a lively play, but we also trained our French skills by listening to the songs consecutively. The directing was extremely cunning in keeping our focus on the scenes as there was dancing and singing all throughout the play. We could not resist humming the tunes of the songs as we left the theatre.

The experience overall was both extremely enjoyable and educational as the magnificent rendition of Notre Dame de Paris allowed us to comprehend the story, while being amazed by the concentration of talent on stage.