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Christmas showjumping

This year we saw another successful Christmas Showjumping. It was a mild day with December sunshine, just perfect.

We held the first two classes before having a fantastic lunch in the indoor arena, which was decorated with fairy lights and Christmas trees. Some of our riders sang a Christmas song and then thank you presents and cards were given to the equestrian staff, which was very touching.

The Head and her lovely assistant Andrew Haviland, pulled the raffle tickets. Raffle prizes were kindly donated by riders' parents and local Blandford businesses and £550 was raised for our Portman Riding for the Disabled group, which is fantastic. A lovely day was had by everyone.

Results of Show jumping classes are as follows:

Class 1: 70 – 80cm

  • 1st                    Suzie riding Shadow
  • 2nd                      Emily riding Summer
  • 3rd                   Leah riding Connor
  • 4th                    Oli riding Sox
  • 5th                    Olivia riding Midnight
  • 6th                    Bella riding Midget
  • 7th                    Anna riding Midnight
  • 8th                    Ellie riding Midnight

Class 2: 80 – 90cm

  • 1st                    Poppy riding Henry
  • 2nd                   Alice riding Percy
  • 3rd                    Leah riding Connor
  • 4th                    Emily riding Summer
  • 5th                    Oli riding Sox
  • 6th                    Maddie riding Lace
  • 7th                    Edie riding Joe
  • 8th                    Matilda riding Alice

Class 3: 90 – 1m

  • 1st                    Carmen riding Maisy
  • 2nd                   Nick riding Tantoni Renaissance
  • 3rd                    Lucy Wisher riding Dodger
  • 4th                    Lucy Ferguson riding Eric
  • 5th                    Georgia riding Pixi
  • 6th                    Poppy riding Henry
  • 7th                    Jemima riding Sox
  • 8th                    Plum riding Raisin

Class 4             TOP SCORE

  • 1st                    Jemima riding Sox
  • 2nd                   Lucy riding Eric
  • 3rd                    Anais riding Harriot
  • 4th                    Nick riding Tantoni Renaissance
  • 5th                    Carmen riding Maisie
  • 6th                    Indi riding Alice
  • 7th                    Lucy riding Dodger
  • 8th                    Matilda riding Alice