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Bryanston riders enjoy their first polo lesson

On 17 May, Dorset Polo Club brought nine ponies to Bryanston for an introduction to polo day. Eight Bryanston riders then paid a return visit to Dorset Polo Club for their first polo lesson.

The pupils were met and coached by owner Rob Brocket, and the lesson started with Rob demonstrating 'on the ground' stick and ball techniques, learning how to hold the mallet and practising the different types of swings (forehand and backhand) before mounting the ponies.

Once aboard the lovely and beautifully trained polo ponies, hitting the ball whilst mounted was then practised in walk, trot and canter, which was all very hilarious to begin with, but once everyone got the hang of it a practice polo match took place.

Well done to the below riders who, after an hour and a half, were suitably exhausted but very keen for the next week's session.

  • Mara F
  • Imogen M
  • Molly W
  • Arabella F
  • Manon F
  • Georgie S
  • Violet W
  • Molly P

A great time was had by all.