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Pupil report: Author Luke Palmer visits Bryanston to celebrate ‘World Book Day’

To celebrate ‘World Book Day’ we welcomed author Luke Palmer for creative writing workshops and to discuss his book ‘Grow’.

The talk started with some background information, where Luke explained his poetry and writing experience prior to writing his novel. He then touched on his upbringing and early experiences as well as his vocation to writing.

Luke next read some sample chapters of the novel along with explaining the inspiration for the book such as the neurological process and reasoning of radicalisation.

‘Grow’ is about a boy named Josh whose father is killed in a terrorist bombing, and the novel explores how he is vulnerable and susceptible to being lured in by extremist ideologies and groups.

Palmer was insightful into the reality of how we as humans can garner hatred both with and without exposure to trauma and the dangers of that. The talk showed the importance of sensitivity and understanding amongst friends and in the interactions we have with other individuals. This was an enlightening experience, which touched on a topic which is very much relevant in the present day and the future.

By B pupil Louis C