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Huge success for the inaugural Bry Masked Teacher ​​​​​​​

Sunday evening saw the inaugural Bry Masked Teacher (Singer) at Coade Hall, with teachers welcomed on stage to roaring applause and excitement.

In celebration of the popular ITV television show ‘The Masked Singer,’ our dedicated Coade Hall team put on an incredible show for our pupils, featuring five talented members from the Bryanston community performing on stage in front of them.

Stars of the show included Dapper Dog, Gingerbread Man, Dizzy Dino, Cool Seal and Dinky Dragon. The one-off extravaganza provided some light-hearted fun for the Bryanston pupils and staff. Huge thanks to our singers, our panel of expert judges and of course, the Coade Hall team who worked so hard to bring the event alive.

Dinky Dragon was crowned winner of the inaugural Bry Masked Teacher

Technical and Production Manager James Henshaw commented: “Thank you to everyone for the part you played. Without you we would not have had the superb show we did!”

Congratulations to Drama Teacher Ms Simonds for winning the show as Dinky Dragon! 

Ms Simonds commented: "It was a fantastic evening, and so great to perform in front of the pupils. The atmosphere was electric and I must admit my performance was all the better for it!

"I think some of the pupils guessed it was me as soon as I stepped on stage, which I am not sure whether I should take as a compliment, seeing as I was dressed up like a dragon, but I think a lot of fun was had by everyone! It was great to be part of!"

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