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Hygge Club reminds pupils it’s the simple things in life that bring happiness

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Hygge Club, helping to remind our pupils that it can often be the simple things in life that make them happy.

The Club made a wreath with positive comments written in petals. We asked pupils to think of a moment from their week where they felt happy, and they wrote it in their petal. At the end we put all the petals together and made a wreath that is displayed on the Chaplain’s office door.

Also, we put together some acts of kindness tasks for the month of December and made a calendar for that month. We have laminated it and displayed it around the main corridor and distributed it in the boarding houses.

Our most recent activity was making Scandinavian style Christmas cards with Scandi gnomes as a theme. We listened to Scandinavian Christmas music and created a very Hygge atmosphere in the classroom with some snowing images from YouTube, and we made lovely Christmas cards for people who normally would not receive one.

Founder of Bryanston’s Hygge and Hot Chocolate Club Loreto Diaz Perez, commented: “The club is a lovely and sweet bunch of pupils who enjoy exploring the simple things in life that make them happy. The club members are making new friends and helping each other, and it is lovely to see them so relaxed and enjoying the activities."