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D Integration Day

In Week 4, we organised a special D Integration Day for our youngest year group.

Organised by Heads of D Becky Martin and Ed Musgrove, the day included various activities, such as:

  • Mural making
  • Water rockets
  • Wellbeing talks
  • Nutrition talks
  • Egg drop
  • Introduction to Filming (and film editing)

The day of activities was designed to help them come together as a cohort. They started their day with a talk from a brilliant nutritionist who helped them to understand how they can look after themselves through their food. Next up included making murals that will feature at D Graduation, dropping eggs wrapped in protective casings out of windows, shooting bottle rockets, and learning about wellbeing through the Medical Centre.

Ms Martin commented: “We are happy to report that every egg managed to survive its trip off the balcony of the Robson Fisher room!”

The rest of the day was spent making ‘finger puppet films’. The Ds were split into groups of 20 that were asked to make a 5-minute film each, which was written, directed, and edited by the pupils in that group. The only rule, the films must not have the pupils themselves in them. Instead, the leading actors were the pupils’ fingers, with smiley faces and other costumes drawn on.

Once the day was done, the films were sent to the film department for editing and returned the next day for the premier in the Coade Hall. In first prep, the pupils came down, ate popcorn, and watched their creations on the big screen. They were all brilliant, and a range of Oscar style prizes were given out to the winning teams.

Mr Musgrove added: “It was a day of amazing support between the pupils, and has led to some brilliant friendships being formed.”