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MOSAIC, cake and climbing

On Sunday, 12 November, some of our A3 pupils hosted families supported by a local charity, MOSAIC.

Founded in 2007, MOSAIC supports children and young people who have been bereaved of someone special. We invited children and their parents or carers to come and use our facilities, including the bouldering wall and pool.

Afterwards, we all gathered over sandwiches and cakes to chat. It resulted in Kitty M writing the following:

On Sunday the 12th, my HSM came into my dorm and told me about doing volunteer work for a charity named Mosaic; at first, I was hesitant but I gave it a second thought and chose to go.

Founded in 2007, Mosaic was created to fill the gap in bereavement provision across the county. Prior to this, support for bereaved children and young people was limited as the only support available was from hospices offering support after the death of someone suffering from a long-term illness.

Mosaic supports children and young people who have been bereaved of someone special, such as a parent, sibling, friend, or a member of their extended family. This includes all causes of death such as long-term illness, sudden death, suicide, murder, or road traffic accident.

Six students, including myself, helped for the day that Bryanston had organised for Mosaic that included wall climbing and swimming! This volunteer gave us the chance to help around with the smaller children but also talk to the caregivers and parents.  Whether it was having emotional conversations or funny experiences in the pool, this experience touched us all. 

I was able to go back up to house and think profoundly about what I had learnt and reflect on the life advice given from the charity founders or the adults attending themselves. 

A huge thank you is due to our head of charities, Dr Fearnley who provided us students with this incredibly emotional yet fun day helping in the Sports Hall.

It resulted in the following feedback from one set of parents: 

We would like to just say a huge thank you to you and the volunteers who organised the Climb and Swim event this afternoon at Bryanston School. 

A little daunted we came and were instantly welcomed, and although both of my children were apprehensive to start, which caused me some frustration; your team, and the students were very quick to offer them the support needed. They enjoyed both activities and I'm so glad I booked them the place and attended.

We also benefited immensely as well. We spoke with not only your team but were completely in awe of the students and their positive outlook on life. We came away feeling 'filled up' and will definitely be coming to any future events that you may be planning.

The sandwiches and cake were also appreciated!

Please could you also pass on our heartfelt appreciation to two students in particular who were inspirational to talk with and are a massive credit to Bryanston School, Kitty and Saskia. Thank you to them for taking the time to come and speak directly with us and impart their own experiences. 

Thank you so much again.

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